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Our Legacy

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to make a difference by not only treating illnesses with allopathic or natural medicine, but to advise our customers how to change their lifestyles, even if it is just bit by bit, to make significant differences in their lives and health. We pride ourselves on our reputation of always having everything the people of Paarl need. Our alternative way of treating people makes them feel welcome and cared for. Our customers are like family and we treat them like royalty.



In 1998, Nico & Antoinette Boshoff purchased Roodeberg Pharmacy, but it wasn’t until 2003 that we moved into our beautiful current building. 


Built in 1847, the building was home to the “Westelijke Provincie Bank”, the most influential and progressive bank in the Drakenstein region at the time, enjoying the support of local farmers and businessmen alike. 


After an extensive but exciting revamp and restorative effort, we are proud to add to the rich and illustrious history of this beautiful building.


Roodeberg’s aesthetic beauty is always a talking point for many a visitor.



"Our team of dedicated pharmacists and assistants

feel like one big family."



We work and play hard. And because everybody in our team has been with us for such a long time, our loyal customers are always guaranteed a familiar smile and a friendly face.

We are located in the heart of the winelands in Paarl, Western Cape.
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